Telco ware


AlleyeZ VMS

  • Single UI integrated surveillance
    Operate single interface, Integrate interface with minimal customize
  • Seamless third party solution interworking
    Various IoT sensor interworking, Third party solution interworking through SDK
  • Standard/non-standard camera compatible
    Interworking available with non-standard camera and video server besides ONVIF-compliant camera

AlleyeZ VSaaS

  • Easy install, Convenient video surveillance
    Access video anytime, anywhere
  • Flexible scalability and reliable service
    Scale up system as your business grow(support On-Premise and Public Cloud), Redundancy and backup system
  • Upgradable intelligent service
    Very easy to launch intelligent products (Just add service)

Intelligent Video Analysis

  • Analyze video of suspicious object based on unusual behavior such as intrusion, loiter, abandon, and fight
  • Alarm automatically after detect and judge various situation such as fire, explosion, etc.
  • Analyze video efficiently with camera-specific detection, exclusion area, etc.
  • Enhance low-light video, Retouch video when bad weather such as fog, sea fog, yellow dust, etc.
  • Reduce video data noise