Telco ware


Job description

The Development team is responsible for developing in various fields such as media server, security IoT solution, and AI convergence solution, mainly focusing on Core Network solution, the core of telecommunication network, including IP Multimedia Subsystem.
Developers at Telcoware acquire a deep understanding of OS and comprehensive, professional knowledge of programming language, network, algorithm, and database in order to design, develop, and analyze the program. We carry out all process from service plan, design, and distribute, in particular, with our own developed DBMS & Framework(redundancy, O&M, Protocol Stack, etc.) based technology solution and our unique project management expertise as well.
Technical Support
The Technical Support team is responsible for ensuring SW quality of our developed product and supporting customer service.
To assure SW quality, we verify and inspect completed solution in many cases and bring Telcoware product quality to be improved further. We support the best maintenance service to ensure that product is well-operated through general technical support, prevention, inspection, failover, system training, as well as system enhancement and upgrade.
The Sales team is responsible for proposing essential solution to build communication network and proceeding supply contract with our major client, wired and wireless service provider. We leverage our specialized expertise and a wide range of reference to proactively propose new service, provide consultancy, and identify new business opportunity.
We ensure stable operation through maintenance and actively engage with our clients to discern their needs about advanced development and replacement based on technological evolution. We plan, propose, and support specialized service for each of our clients as well.
We currently expand our business opportunity to various fields beyond telecommunication, including security IoT.
Management Planning
The Management Planning team is responsible for overall management and support. We plan system for various business activity, manage stable capital flow, and build solid financial plan.
We establish and execute annual budget to meet our business goal, purchase necessary asset and resource, and efficiently manage them. We handle recruitment, training, compensation, as well as various welfare and general affairs for our team members. We also oversee management of our in-house IT infrastructure systems, including server, network, ERP, and other collaboration SW, to support our business process.