Telco ware


Healthy Tomorrow

We create our future where
company and society grow together.


Telcoware Co., Ltd. promotes ESG management to increase corporate sustainability and fulfill social responsibility and strives to internalize ESG management at enterprise level.

We lead toward sustainable and better future together with all our stakeholders like clients, investors, and employees through our specialized ESG management.


Green management (Environment)
Telcoware has responsibility for preserving sustainable environment.
We comply with environment regulations, manage optimal temperature for efficient use of energy, and avoid using disposable product in order to keep eco-friendly activity. We value green management by phasing environment mangement gradually.
  • Digital reports
  • Optimal temperature
  • Use Reusable product


Social responsibility management (Social)
Telcoware creates future where company and society grow together.
We care for those in needs to take our social responsibility. We provide support and make donations to organizations such as World Vision, which aid vulnerable communities, as well as foundations like the Cultural Foundation. We are committed to foster positive change for a better world through various social contribution.
  • Guaranteed work hours
  • Anti-bullying workplace
  • World Vision donation


Ethical management (Governance)
Telcoware contributes to country and society through customer-centered management maintaining trust and mutual respect with our stakeholders like clients, partners, shareholders, and employees. Transparent ethical mangement is our prerequisite. We establish ‘Code of Ethics’ to set standard for right behavior and judgement that all executives and employees must adhere to.
  • Prohibit corruption and illegal gain
  • Responsibly manage information through security hardening
  • Transparent governance