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1. Description
∙ The intelligent Video Management System (VMS) consists of SVR which stores/distributes video,
  SVA/SVE which analyzes/enhances video, and the clients who control and manage video.
∙ Regardless of the scale of site, it provides features such as video management/analysis/enhancement
  through a single UI.
∙ Based on video analytics, it provides real-time alarms and trend analytics with statistics reporting

2. Key Features
Integrated UI
   Provides all solutions for video management/analysis/enhancement in a single UI which allows for
   simple and efficient system operation.
Real-time Event Alarm
   The real-time event alarm based on the intelligent video analysis feature(Intrusion detection/camera
   damage/theft detection) allows for checking the site situation and dispatching the security team.
   Shows the time of the alarm occurrence and provides the search function based on importance.

Intelligent Data Analysis
   Reports the alarm state (intrusion situation, regular patrol) and provides information such as
   visitor statistics, gender∙age (face detection) categorization and customer circulation analysis.

Video Enhancement
   Enhances the low-light-level (LLL) and removes mist/yellow dust.


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