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   TELCOWARE is a communications solution provider, established in January 2000, which supplies core solutions required for voice calling, an essential communications service, as well as video calling, data service and many other supplementary services.

Recently, the company has developed core solutions for the world's first commercialized VoLTE (Voice over LTE) service and traffic-related solutions for various data services and supplied them to major Korean telecommunication providers. TELCOWARE has designated technical development to be its priority since its establishment, and has solidified its position as a leading communications solution provider by securing a superior technical workforce and actively investing in the acquisition of related patents.

The communications market has been rapidly changing since the popularization of smartphones. As communications service expands from voice-centric service to data-centric service through a variety of applications, people have seen many changes throughout their lives. In addition, many companies are proactively responding to such changes, vying for position in emerging markets, such as 5G, which is faster than LTE, object communication services related to IoT, and a smart network to link communications with various industries.

With the goal of becoming the world’s leading communications solution provider, TELCOWARE is also focusing on the development of new solutions, which are likely to become a next-generation source of income, based on its 16-year-long experience in commercialization and proven technical prowess. As market changes represent both a crisis and an opportunity, we will strive to find opportunities amid changes to make a bold, new leap forward.

Keeping in mind our principles of trust and co-existence, we will strive to realize growth at the heart of all the ongoing changes by sharing values with our customers and investors as well as all the members of TELCOWARE. We will endeavor to evolve as a company that unlocks optimal values in technology and talented manpower and the future that they create.

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