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Telcobase™ Cloudbase™ Failure Forecasting System


1. Description
   Telcobase™ is Main Memory Database Management System (MMDBMS) software that uses the memory as the data storage and manages the memory. In the existing DBMS, the data reside in the DB and the memory functions as an auxiliary device. However, in the MMDBMS, the DB resides in the main memory and the disk is used as a backup device.

As an MMDBMS, TelcobaseTM directly accesses the data stored in the memory and guarantees fast transaction processing and small use of resources. Also, with online backup and real-time replication solutions included in TelcobaseTM, TelcobaseTM is suitable for a system that requires superior performance and high availability.

2. Key Features
Features of the basic RDBMS
SQL library
Data backup
Interface for the development of the service applications
Disk-based Interworking with the DBMS
LDAP gateway
High-performance, stable DBMS
Various real-time algorithms optimized for the memory space
Various features of the RDBMS
Efficient and convenient user interfaces
Interruption-free services through redundancy
Support for various OS: POSIX Unix, Linux, BSD, Etc.



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