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Smart Service Gateway Video Optimization Media Server


1. Description
   The wide take-up of the latest generation of smart devices together with the exponential increase in the number of application that provide a wireless multimedia service means there is a growing need for a device that can classify, optimize and thus offload traffic caused by such devices and applications.

Plus, there are more R&D projects being promoted to target improvements to networks that help VAN (Value Added Network) devices become easily adopted as a way to boost user QoE and the CAPEX of the operator.

SSG (Smart Service Gateway) is a carrier-level DPI/DFI solution providing features to detect/control/classify traffic from services and applications created/removed/changed frequently. This is to facilitate the adoption of the x-aware service and, at the same time, support the simple and flexible operation of the mobile core network. In addition, the solution interworks with SDN networks to implement a Smart Network that is capable of service chaining.

2. Key Features
DPI/DFI: detects 5 Tuple, protocol, character string-based traffic packets and flow
Policy-based traffic control by subscriber, by category and by application (Pass/Drop, Rate Control,
   Route, Mirror, Limit, Divert available)
Destination IP-based traffic bypassing
Policy management: manages traffic by subscriber, by rate system and by service
Statistics: complies statistics of traffic by application, by user and by mVoIP
2.1. Special Feature
Customizable Carrier DPI device that supports adoption of new options and services in a
   timely manner
Detection of change in service and tendering traffic through application market and DNS check
L7-based traffic classification and Packet Forwarding
Shortcut Routing (DDNS check by service)
mVoIP billing data creation: detects Skype, Viber, Line, Kakao Voice, Tango, MyPeople,
   Numbuzz, Sudaphone
Policy-based traffic classification in accordance with subscriber behavior and the nature of the
   service through interworking with PCRF
Message analysis and subscriber information management through RADIUS and
   GTP’(Prime) message hooking
Detection of link with Fault and allocation control
Scalable port allocation
Session-based traffic classification and Packet Forwarding
Interworking with SDN

3. System configuration
SUB System Features H/W Type
AAS(Application Awareness Server) Traffic analysis and control ATCA chassis/board Type
SSA(Subscriber, Statistics and
Accounting Manager)
Policy and subscriber information management, billing and statistical data collection X86 Server Type
SSB(Subscriber & Statistics Broker) Statistical information storage and management, Shortcut Routing check and signature detection X86 Server Type

4. Application
Service Chaining interworking with SDN Network
Network Layer BigData creation
Billing (by subscriber, by App and by mVoIP)
Ensuring Fairness in the use of network resources
Sponsored Service
Traffic Steering interworking with the 3rd Party Service
Corporate security / document management
Application Firewall
P2P, messenger block
Blocking access to malicious website



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