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SoftSwtch Media Server


1. Description
   Telcoware C4-SSW (Softswitch) is a system that processes IP-based call forwarding. The system provides the same service as the traditional circuit-based C4 Switch. It also supports various next-generation IP-based protocols, thereby providing a much wider range of service. In addition, the C4-SSW offers various services through the control of SG and MG/TG and interworks with a wide range of different types of external networks.

SG, which stands for Signaling Gateway, enables IP-based SSW to interwork with the traditional SS7
   network. SG also interworks with SSW through IP-based protocol, SIGTRAN and supports various
   forms of interworking including M2UA, M3UA and SUA.
MG and TG stand for Media Gateway and Trunk Gateway respectively. MG/TG provides E1 interface
   for TDM-type interworking with voice network as well as other interfaces such as ATM, PRI and
   R2. C4-SSW controls MG/TG through Megaco/H.248 protocol.

2. Key Features
SIP protocol processing
ISUP protocol processing
PRI protocol processing
R2 protocol processing (through Megaco)
MG, TG control (Megaco/H.248)
Interworking with SG (using SIGTRAN protocol)
Call processing, number translation, routing and resources management
Interworking with Intelligent Network (INAP)
Various supplementary services available
Easily upgraded to 3GPP IMS or 3GPP2 MMD network



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