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1. Description
   The Home Location Register (HLR) is one of basic systems in the mobile communication network. It manages subscriber data (related to location, authentication, service, authority, and supplementary services) in real time. The HLR interworks with the MSC/VLR, the AC, the AuC, the SMS, the SGSN, GGSN, and the feature server to support origination/termination, authentication, SMS, packet transmission, location data, and the services of the intelligent network .

2. Key Features
Subscriber location management
Subscriber handset power management
Supplementary service activation status management
Subscriber data provision for the systems interworking with the HLR
Compliance with ANSI-41, IS-53A, and IS-771.
ANSI TIA/EIA-41-C, TIA/EIA-41-D, TIA/EIA-725-A, TIA-EIA-764, TIA/EIA-664, TSB 55: IS-41-A,
Compliance with GSM/WCDMA
3GPP TS 29.002, TS 22.004, TS 22.078, TS 22.081~22.086, TS 22.088, TS 22.090,
   TS 23.002, TS 23.003, TS 23.011, TS 23.060, TS 23.078, TS 23.081 ~ 23.086, etc
GSM 02.04, 02.41, 02.81~ 02.86, 02.88, 02.90, 03.81~ 03.86, 03.88, 03.90,
   04.81 ~ 04.86, 04.88, 04.90, 09.02
Various services and easy development of services
Provides all services and features defined in ANSI-41 D/E, WIN, and 3GPP (GSM, WCDMA, CAP)
Standard compliance and verification
Passed compatibility tests with Samsung, LG, Motorola, and Lucent systems.
Complete failover and recovery for the system
Fault tolerant system is supported for complete hardware redundancy.
High availability is supported for real-time S/W replication.



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