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1. Description
   The IMS Multimedia Telephony service refers to a dialog between users or diverse service combined with the dialog. Telephony Application Server (TAS) is a system that provides supplementary multimedia service on IMS between users.

TAS provides such services as caller ID service, origination-denial, termination-denial, call forwarding, lettering and coloring so that users can communicate in a richer environment.

2. Key Features
Compliance with 3GPP TS 24.229, 22.173 and 24.173 standards
Providing the HSS link function for inquiring subscriber status
Providing the MRF link function for announcements
Providing the supplementary service setup interface
Providing Ut Interface for direct links between terminals and TAS
Providing the SIP Interface through CSCF
Services provided
Caller ID display/display limiting service: Displaying the caller’s number on the receiving terminal or
   limiting this display
Lettering service: The information specified by the caller, such as a nickname, is displayed to the
   receiver when the call is connected
Ring back tone service: The information specified by the receiver is displayed to the caller.
Call waiting service: When the receiver is talking on the phone, this services enables the receiver to
   receive another call.
Call hold service: This service temporarily puts a call on hold.
Call forwarding unconditional/conditional: This service forwards the call to a third terminal specified
   by the receiver.
Origination/termination-denial service (international call origination denial, anonymous call
   termination denial): This service prohibits call origination or termination.
Voice message service: If the receiver cannot answer a call, he/she can leave a voice message.
Missed call reminder service: If the receiver cannot answer a call, this service reminds the receiver of
   the missed calls.
Call waiting status notification service: If the receiver cannot answer a call, when the receiver is now
   able to answer a call, this service informs the caller.



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