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1. Description
   Telcoware’s Call State Control Function (CSCF) performs SIP-based call control and session handling in the 3G network and provides various multimedia services. Telcoware’s CSCF fully supports the CSCF specification for the IP Multimedia Core Network (IM-CN) defined in 3GPP Release 6 and accommodates some features defined in Release 7. Telcoware’s CSCF supports the mandatory features of the Proxy-CSCF (P-CSCF), the Interrogating-CSCF (I-CSCF), and the Serving-CSCF (S-CSCF) as well as the BGCF and the IBCF features.

Functions as initial connection point for the terminal to access the IM-CN Subsystem (IMS.)
Supports IPsec and SigComp.
Interworks with the PDF through the AF feature, and provides the QoS feature.
Supports communication for the terminal in the NAT through the IMS-ALG feature.
Acts as an IMS contact point when a called subscriber tries to connect the call to the IMS (to which
   the subscriber belongs to) and provides HSS interoperation as well as the THIG function defined by
   the standard.
Manages all session states of the IMS.
Receives subscriber profile by interworking with the HSS, and interworks with the application server
   through the IFC.
Public Service Indicator (PSI.)
Selects the MGCF to interwork with the PSTN.
Security and NAT traversal feature for the interworking between IMS networks.

2. Key Features
Subscriber registration management
P2P session setup and control
P2P Messaging
Support for various multimedia services
Bearer system management
Signaling compression
IPsec feature
ATCA HW-type system configuration
Compliance with international standards: 3GPP TS 23.218, 23.228, 24.228, 24.229,
   29.228, 29.229, 29.329, RFC3261, RFC3262, RFC3263, RFC3264, RFC2976 and etc



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