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1. Description
   IoT-HSS Solution is a dedicated HSS solution designed to manage LoRa devices and LTE-based MTC/IoT devices, which is composed of UDR (User Data Repository), PG-FE (Provisioning Gateway Front-end), and IoT-HSS FE, based on 3GPP UDC (User Data Convergence) architecture.
HSS system for the IoT-HSS FE – IoT device service
Relay system between PG-FE – customer’s self-care system and UDR (protocol conversion, etc.)
Integrated DB server system for the UDR – UDC network
2. Key Features
   The IoT-HSS FE and PG-FE system of the IoT-HSS solution has an NFV (Network Function Virtualization) architecture.
LTE authentication
LTE authentication vector creation and transfer function
LTE mobility management
LTE location registration management
EPS subscription transfer and synchronization
Overseas roaming management
SMS in MME function
Rate system management function
SMS sending/receiving function
SMS sending/receiving function
SMS pending and alert function
MONTE (Monitoring Enhancements)
Monitoring Configuration
Monitoring Report
NIDD(Non-IP Data Delivery) Configuration
LoRa Device OTA Activation
Integrity protection through MIC check
Session key creation and transfer by MAC version
LoRa device subscriber profile management
Subscriber profile transfer when joining/rejoining
Profile synchronization through SOAP notification
3. Benefits
Integrated subscriber management of IoT devices (LoRa, eMTC)
Providing flexibility by applying virtualization-based architecture
Providing a large-capacity subscriber service based on UDC architecture



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