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1. Description
   NFV MANO Solution implements ETSI standard architecture, NFV MANO (Management and Orchestration) to operate network service equipment in a virtual computing environment that abstracts hardware (computing, network, and storage).

2. Value
   NFV MANO Solution provides NFV-based network service operation functions.
NFV catalog management
VNF configuration information management
VNF configuration setting information management
VNF software update information management
NFV lifecycle management
VNF instance lifecycle management
VNF instance configuration information management
NFV assurance management
Assurance indicator management by VNF instance
Policy management for VNF auto-scale and TCA
Management of VNF instance resource usage, statistics, and alarm information
Operation information visualization
Visualization of the NFVI and VNF operation status information
Providing the detailed NFVI and VNF information
Visualizing the NFVI, VNF, and VNFC resource usage, and statistical information
3. Key Features
Separate management of the OS image and software package for the VNF application
Backing up and reloading the configuration information of the VNF instance
Auto scale-in/out according to the VNF indicator
Live migration
Host evacuation
Rebuilding the VNFC instance
Rolling back the VNF life cycle
Software update of the VNF instance using the web UI
Monitoring the VNF instance state and performance
Providing the VNF agent for convenient VNF development
Providing the network acceleration feature (DPDK, SRIOV, etc.)



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