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1. Description
   VoLTE is a premium communication service, evolved from existing 2G and 3G voice/images. It is a next-generation voice service that offers high-quality voice calls over LTE as well as faster connection times compared to existing 3G voice services.

HD Voice offers HD (high definition) sound quality by using a high-quality audio codec capable of handling 2.2 times wider frequency bandwidth than that of 3G voice calls to make customers feel as if the person on the other end of the line is sitting right next to him/her. Moreover, the call connection time is less than 0.25 to 2.5 seconds, 2 to 20 times shorter than 3G voice calls that require an average of 5 seconds to connect a call.

In addition, it offers various value-added services including caller ID and the automatic forwarding of incoming calls, which were also provided by existing 2G and 3G voice services.

VoLTE(Voice over LTE) Network Structure

2. Value
Better Voice Quality
   With a 2.2 time wider frequency bandwidth than that of existing voice calls, it allows customers to
   have high-quality voice services.
Faster call connection time
   Faster call connection is possible due to the significant reduction in call connection time.
Integration between voice and video
   A seamless user experience is achieved without any voice or video breaks during a call with the
   integration of voice and video calls.
Ensures high quality value-added services.
   The all-IP based premium services ensure various value-added services. With the application of a
   wide frequency bandwidth capable of deliver natural sounds as well as human voices, not just the
   HD clarity ring tone service but also the transmissions of contents including photos/video/locations
   is possible.
Convergence potential with other industries
Mobile simultaneous interpretation system that offers instant translation and delivery during a call
Mobile medical examination system that diagnoses various information along with calls
Voice chatting and other services during mobile network games
3. Portfolio
TAS (Telephony Application Server)
MRFC (Multimedia Resource Function Controller)
MGCF (Media Gateway Control Function)
CSCF (Call Session Control Funtion)
HSS (Home Subscriber Server)
IBCF (Interconnection Border Control Function)



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